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What are the key benefits of  Swinging Patio Doors?

A French hinged patio door is easy to open, affords a wide and beautiful view and adds elegance to any home. With both door panels opening, you will have more clearance than with a sliding patio door for bringing large items in or out of your home. 

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Center Hinged Patio Door

Center hinged patio doors exclusively open on one side. This patio door is perfect for those who prefer a swinging style door but do not have the clearance to allow both sides to swing open.

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What are the key benefits of a center hinged patio door?

A center hinged patio door allows you to choose which panel is operable, and which way you’d like it to swing: in or out. 

How much do center hinged patio doors cost?

Pricing for a custom center hinged patio door varies based upon a number of factors including sizing and styling.

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